Man rescues truck driver from crash

Multiple crashes happened Tuesday in Bedford County, some a result of the ice storm.
A local man didn’t hesitate to save a driver in one of those accidents. 
“I just didn’t want nothin’ major to happen to him ’cause I didn’t want the truck to catch on fire and him be trapped in it and burn,” Daniel Lear, 19, said.
Lear was heading home from his newspaper route for the Bedford Gazette around 7:30 Tuesday morning when the tractor trailer driving in front of him crashed. 
“As he was coming down the Business Route 220, he was trying to make a slight left hand turn and ended up going straight through and severing off the telephone pole and rolling down the embankment,” Lear said.
Lear and his father, who was in the car with him at the time, pulled over to help. 
“At first I didn’t know if he was okay or not so I started calling 911 and then whenever my dad noticed he was trying to get out of the truck, I hurried up and gave him the phone, took off running down over the hill to help him.”
Two months into his job delivering papers, Lear never expected to end a shift like this one. 
“I climbed up on the side of the truck and he was trying to get the door open,” he said.  “Then I opened the door up for him and grabbed his hand and helped him get up on the side of the truck and then helped him off the side of the truck onto the ground and then back up over the bank to the roadway.”
Lear said the truck driver wasn’t hurt, just a bit shaken up.  Lear didn’t hesitate; he knew they had to get out of there fast. 
“I was like ‘Okay we gotta get you outta here’ ’cause there was fuel dumping out over the engine, there was live power lines down, there was oxygen tanks spraying everywhere.”
Days later, there are no signs of the crash, but Lear’s good deed is not forgotten. A few workers near the scene Friday morning recognized him and thanked him for his help. 

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February 07 2021 06:30 pm

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