The Altoona Curve has a special guest Saturday night who’s making a difference one mile at a time.

Jacob Landis and his charity, called “Jacob’s Ride,” help raise money for the hearing impaired community. Landis lost his own hearing at a very young age and underwent cochlear implant surgery more than 15 years ago.

The surgery isn’t cheap. It can cost up to $150,000. Landis said he wanted to give others a shot at a full life of sound, so he combined his passion for biking and baseball and is raising money at each baseball stadium he visits.

“It’s given me the gift of hearing and the ability to listen to music, listen to the crack of the bat at a baseball game,” Landis said. “I actually enjoy listening to baseball games on the radio as opposed to watching them on TV. Without that implant, I would’ve had a much, much different life.”

So far, “Jacob’s Ride” has provided 14 children with implants.