EBENSBURG, Pa. (WTAJ) — One man is trying to be the first person to walk across all seven continents in the world, and right now he’s stopping in Central PA.

Tom Boerman from the Netherlands began his trek in May 2021.

“I started last year in Holland, walked the length of Europe, and now I’m on my second continent trying to cross North America all the way to Vancouver, Canada,” Boerman said.

He has been in the United States for two weeks before his most recent stop in Ebensburg.

“They just accept you of being here. And people are pulling over and giving me some bananas, different fruit,” Boerman said. “It’s insanely friendly.”

Each day Boerman walks around 30 miles. After his daily adventures are over, he asks community members if he can stay in their yards.

“By the end of the day, I knock on doors and ask people if I can pitch my tent in the garden,” Boerman said. “I live by the day. I can tell you I do not even know where I’m going to sleep tomorrow.”

Boerman started his journey after struggling with addiction, and is walking now to raise money to rebuild schools in Nepal.

“What I try to do is raise around $100,000 to rebuild four schools, because the children go to school in flip flops, you know,” Boerman said. “They don’t have heaters. They do not even have glass in the windows, you know. There’s just nothing.”

Boerman heads to Pittsburgh next and anticipates the journey will take him five more years to complete.

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“I think there will never be an end is what I think,” Boerman said. “I will just walk forever.”