Local Woman Advocates for Pet Owners in Abusive Situations with unique pendants


BEDFORD, Pa. (WTAJ) — A Bedford woman is doing something special to help advocate for animals and their owners in abusive situations. It’s a project that creates pendants that can be worn by people and pets and the mission is to give back. It’s called ‘Together,’ and it all stems from an organization called the Mahendi Project. They create beautifully hand casted bronze pendants and accessories that can be worn by you and your pets. But the mission behind it – is what is making the difference. Together Mahendi is working to help women in domestic violence situations that stay in relationships because of not wanting to leave their pet.

Co-founder Haley Feaster says the goal is to have more shelters accept animals– so more women feel like they have an option.
“A lot of domestic abuse shelters don’t accept pets and as we became more aware of the stories and hurdles that these women were going through, trying to be good pet owners I just couldn’t imagine being in that position I’m so connected to my pets as well as other people are but we wanted to do something that gave back and helped.” Haley says this issue is something that a lot of people not even think about or realize is a potential problem. She says no one should ever have to chose between their pet and thier safety.

“It’s been fun to see people layer and wear them as necklaces or as pendants themselves we definitely created it for an upscale pet pendant it’s something your animal wears everyday it’s beautifully made and it’s been fun to wear it myself as well as see how people are using them it’s pretty unique,” says Feaster. “It’s kind of like a BFF necklace for you and your pet.”

And this issue is something that may have never even crossed most people’s minds. “I think that that’s startling a lot of people don’t even think of this as being a hurdle that people have to go through and Um only 1% of shelters accept pets,” says Feaster.

To learn more about ‘Together Mahendi’ and their mission visit https://msha.ke/togethermahendi.

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