Local Police Chiefs discuss officer training


The Patton Township Chief of Police says when training officers, they always start them off with one thing in particular.

“We train our officers in verbal de-escalation,” Tyler Jolley, Patton Township Police Chief, said. “Our main goal is if we can deescalate a situation by not by not using any type of physical force, ultimately that’s the best outcome.”

He says if a person in a situation is descalated, then they’ve succeeded ultimately trying to avoid the person or officer from getting injured.

Ferguson Township Police Chief , Chris Albright, says even officers in training should feel comfortable speaking up.

“One of the things that definitely needs a little bit of revision is that field training, where if a new officer or probationary officer sees something that’s wrong, unethical, that they know that they can step in,” Chief Albright, said.

Chief Jolley says they have two officers certified in defensive tactics teach use of force techniques to all officers, yearly.

“We’re not looking to injury anybody, we’re looking for compliance,” Chief Jolley, said. “There are very many circumstances and different factors that play into if force is going to be used, what type of force and the level and the amount of force that is used.”

Chief Jolley and Chief Albright were two of six police chiefs in the county that met together yesterday, to express their disgust for how George Floyd was killed and strategies for improving relationships in the community.

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