Your car starts to skid on the ice. What now?

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If you come across a road that looks fine, remember there may be a hidden layer of ice that the snow plows missed. Your car can slide and skid out of control. Sean Lake from Meineke Car Care said if this happens, immediately pull over.

“Pull over, wait until the weather gets a little bit better or maybe a plow truck goes by, but just get off to the side, turn your 4-ways on and just make sure you’re safe, and enough distance off the sides,” Lake said.

Sean also said people should have their cars checked before they drive in the bad weather. He encouraged everyone to have extra supplies in case of an emergency.

“Blankets, things to eat, if you can, water, coolant, because if there is an accident and you’re not even involved, you might be on the highway for a long time, and you want to make sure you stay warm, and healthy,” Lake said.

If you’re out and about on the roads, make sure you take your time. Snow came down all day on Thursday, so the roads are very slippery. If you don’t feel comfortable driving or you’re not sure that your car is winter ready, stay home.

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