Woodward Camp teaches kids how to help the environment

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Woodward sports camp is changing how they run some operations to help the environment, and are educating campers in the process.

Most kids come to Woodward Camp for action sports, but they find out quickly they do more than that at this camp.

“We got all this compost from here, from food that nobody wanted, vegetables and watermelon, cantaloupe, tomatoes, it was all in there,” Jadynn Merson, Camper at Woodward Camp, said.

Dan Shimp, known as “Farmer Dan” at Woodward, says through their “Playing Forever” program they’re talking to kids and showing them how they can help the environment by recycling food and cardboard into compost to help grow healthy, organic food.
“They’re spreading some of that compost around our plants, so that when it rains all that nutrients will seap down into the soil and feed the roots of the plant,” Dan Shimp, Sustainability Consultant at Woodward Camp, said.

They also teach kids about using tools rather than machines like tractors, which farmer dan says could contaminate what we put into our bodies.
“Less machinery, less fuel, less oil dripping in your garden,” Shimp said.

Marcia Kimler, Camp Director says in the past year they’ve made some changes with water use, saving more than a million gallons of water.

“We’ve got over a hundred toilets, a hundred showers, a hundred sinks on campgrounds and we replaced all of them with low flow toilets and showers and motion-censored sinks,” Kimler, said.

Camper Brooklyn Jordan from Michigan has been inspired.
She says when she goes back home she wants to help the environment.

“Recycle and maybe start a new garden,” Jordan, said.

Woodward Camp plans on working with local schools and the community going forward, to help the area become more eco-friendly.

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