CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — In just 24 hours, two Life Flight calls were made to Woodward Camp in Centre County last week, sparking concern from county residents.

The camp has a 50-year history and offers facilities and instructions in skateboarding, BMX, gymnastics, cheer, scooter, and parkour.

“We are on a mission to empower and inspire the next generation of action sports,” said Woodward Camps General Manager Phoebe Mills.

Mills said they aim to have one trained and passionate coach per eight campers.

“We are definitely engaging in sports that could be high-risk if not done properly,” said Mills.

She said they follow a formulated warm-up, cool-down, and recovery program. All action sports campers are required to wear a certified helmet that is inspected at arrival.

Certified athletic trainers and registered nurses are on-site 24/7; however, some injuries require extra attention. Mills said they use Life Flight as a resource, typically for head and neck injuries.

“Unfortunately, we do have to call them sometimes, just because we want to make sure we’re getting the children under our care the quickest and promptest attention,” said Mills.

Community concerns on social media have been responded to with reassurance.

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“We’re tracking our incidents, we’re looking at our incidents, we’re debriefing on our incidents. We want to learn from every incident that happens,” said Mills. “We are based on safe progression. We try to have the best coaches, the best facilities, and give the campers the education that they need to progress slowly and safely.”