Woman fights house fire, while waiting for firefighters

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An Altoona woman called 9-1-1 Tuesday morning, when she saw flames at the house across the street.  She tried to fight the fire herself before first responders arrived and the whole thing was caught on video.

“I was in the kitchen, I smelled smoke come out to my closed in front porch and I looked across the street and I just seen all the flames and the fire and I grabbed my phone and dialed 9-1-1,” Judy Rice, a neighbor said.
When Rice saw fire threatening a family member’s home on East Walnut Avenue in Altoona, she sprang into action.

“Right away I called and I called my brother-in-law, because I was scared, his house is so close, that it would just catch that house on fire too, it was scary,” Rice said.
She used a hose at her brother-in-law’s house to try and fight the fire, while she waited for emergency crews to arrive.
Seconds later the fire department gets the flames under control. 
Rice says she’s glad they were able to prevent the rest of the home from catching fire. Her husband and his brother were raised there.
“It was devastating when they had to sell it, they just sold it a couple months ago, and when they sold it, it was very emotional for them,” Rice said.  “This, I can’t even imagine, to watch it burn up.”
The home was being remodeled so no one was inside at the time, and no one was hurt.
Fire crews say the majority of the damage to the house that caught fire was confined to the porch and basement.

The neighboring home suffered minor damage to its siding.
No word yet what caused the fire.


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