Williamsburg residents show concern of flooding ahead of Ida

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BLAIR COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ)- Multiple Williamsburg residents are concerned about the outcomes ahead for tropical depression Ida. The town has already experienced severe flooding in the past few weeks.

Residents this time took multiple precautions ahead of the storm, whether that’s buying extra groceries, bringing up belongings from the basement, or simply praying.

First street is one of the streets that gets the most severe flooding within the area. Locals are empathetic and compassionate towards those families living on or near that street. Resident Michael Merritts knows how flooding can be a long recovery.

“There’s always a concern that our neighbors, family, they have to deal with whatever kind of bill comes from that,” Merritts said. “There’s a lot of repairs that come from that, and it’s a lot to deal with.”

Then, others are worried about the first responders and the traveling that will affect commuting. Resident Sherry Waddington knows first responders who had made rescues when massive flooding occurred.

“It also concerns me for all of our first responders. Cause people say let’s go see how high the water is,” Waddington said. “And they go take a ride and see if we can get through, but we don’t know what’s underneath the water.”

However, residents believe that the community will come together to support those affected by the severe flooding.

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