Williamsburg couple “extremely grateful” for neighbors that help shovel

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Folks in Blair County continue to clean up the mess from Wednesday’s storm. One couple in Williamsburg said their neighbors are always there to lend a helping hand.

Annette and Bob Merritts have lived in Williamsburg since the early 70s. They said they never have to worry when a snow storm comes their way, because their neighbors, the Proughs, Brantners, and Hilemans, come over and take care of the shoveling.

“It’s wonderful not having to worry about someone slipping and sliding on our sidewalks and making it possible for us to get out,” Bob Merritts said.

Since they’re in their 80s now, the couple is extremely grateful that the community continues to help them live in their own home.

“We’re just so optimistic about living on our own and being independent, but we couldn’t be that way if it wasn’t for the community,” Annette Merritts said.

Pam Prough, one of the Merritts’ neighbors, said Annette and Bob are family, and you always take care of family.

“I think, when people move in, they become part of that family, and people just learn to look out for each other and, you know, talk and find out more about everybody,” Pam said.

The Merritts said they wanted to share their story with others because a simple “thank you” just wasn’t enough. They wanted everyone to know how grateful they are for their neighbors.

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