Why You Should Clean Your Grill Brush!

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Most people use a wire brush to clean their grill, before firing it up, but a Blair County man  says , you may want to replace that tool. He’s now missing part of his small intestine after emergency surgery to save his life.

The grill at Scott Rhine’s house doesn’t get used much these days, even though Scott loves grilled food.

“It has spooked me pretty well. I didn’t eat any meat for quite a while, weeks on end and I like my steak and that kind of stuff,” he says.

He started getting sick on a Sunday night, a little over six weeks ago, right before leaving town for a business trip.

Scott remembers vividly, “It was very sharp pains and then it was just constant pain after that to the point that I  was having trouble getting out of a chair. Even at the hotel, I was getting chills and a fever. The next morning iI couldn’t eat. “

Doubled over in pain, he went to a walk in clinic.

“The doctor at the time thought maybe it was a fish bone but I explained to him I hadn’t had any fish or thing like that. and they did a little  more research on it. They informed me that they were going to have to take me over the he hospital and do emergency surgery,” he says.

Scott ended up with a seven inch incision in his abdomen, after a surgeon removed a wire bristle at least a half inch long from his small intestine.

“At that point, it was full of infection, he said it was something like if your infection would have burst and had I waited another day or two it probably would have been fatal,” Scott says.

Although the Rhine family has put a hold on grilling at home Scott  and his wife are pretty sure, he ingested the wire bristle at a restaurant. They’ve thrown their wire brush out and friends have given them what’s designed to be a safer replacement.

It’s a safety double helix bristle free brush, which says on the label that safety bristles will not break off and will not scratch, so it’s not going to come off and you cannot ingest it. Another step you can take to protect your family from ingesting a wire bristle is to take a damp cloth and wipe your grill grates off, making sure they’re clean, before you turn the grill on.

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