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Most of us pay for medical treatments by using our health insurance, but what if by paying cash, we could actually pay less and get more? A local physical therapist says that’s what he’s doing by practicing concierge medicine.

Haulman Physical Therapy makes its home inside Dorman’s Sports Performance in Altoona. That means not only is Zach Haulman’s clinic there,  he also has the use of the entire gym to treat his clients.

Theresa Vogel who suffers from leg pain and headaches, has been coming to Haulman Physical Therapy once a week for seven weeks. Her leg pain’s gone down to a two on the scale, and in the past two weeks her headaches have completely subsided,  

Theresa says, “One thing I like, I know what I’m getting. I’m getting Zach 100 percent of the time and I’m not getting all those papers in the mail afterwards saying ‘this is not a bill.'”

She pays $77 for a one hour physical therapy session.

“You come to me once a week. I give you everything I’ve got. Typically, I ask for a follow up just to see,  just to make sure we’re on the right path but if you feel better in two weeks, then we’re done in two weeks,” Haulman explains.

Wally Reimer comes to Haulman every now and then for help recovering  from a pulled hamstring or calf muscle—injuries he ends up with from  serving as a basketball referee. He was a little leery at first about the physical therapist’s cash payment policy.

Wally says, “Initially I thought, wow I  have insurance and this and that, but when you submit it you get a refund, and what he charges, you end up paying less than what you would hat a place that takes insurance.”

And even better, he says you get better quickly, you get some homework to help you stay healthy, and then you’re done.

“He always says I’d love to see you, but I  really don’t want to see you because that means you’re injured again and that’s where he’s different,” Wally adds.

“Ultimately, the people that come looking for me are the people with high deductibles, high copays,  or people that just want one on one attention,” Haulman says.  

When he first opened his clinic, he was hoping for 3 people a month, but now says he sees five to seven a day. He believes that with the cost of healthcare continuing to increase, this type of service will make the most sense to even more people.

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