What zoning changes would mean for people in Ferguson Township

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Major changes in zoning and land development ordinances could be coming to a Centre County community.

A consultant for environmental planning and design says if the proposed zoning changes passed, people in areas zoned “R1” would be able to rent out property, as long as it an “accessory” or extension of a larger house. 

This is something residents can’t do with the current zoning laws.

Folks in Ferguson Township poured into Thursday night’s open house to take a look at two proposed zoning changes.

“It’s definitely going to help the whole community to have these different possibilities,” Paul Tomkiel, Reverend at St. Paul Lutheran in Pine Grove Mills, said.
He says the proposed document portion of these changes is easier to read.
“If the church wanted to explore additions, or expansions of a parking lot, it’s much easier to have to only look at two or three pages and get the understanding.”
The other proposed changes are to the zoning map.  Ferugson Township’s Planning and Zoning Director says the revisions will give the farming community more uses for agriculture-related land development.
“In our existing ordinance it’s not allowable to propose an accessory sugar shack to make syrup, in our revisions to the ordinance we’re now allowing that,” Ray Stolinas, Director for the Ferguson Township Planning and Zoning Department said.
Reverend Tomkiel says he approves of the proposed changes and hopes they will pass.
“Oh, it could be a boom for the whole community, not just the residents of Ferguson, but also anyone who lives in the Centre Region will probably benefit from the rewrite,” Reverend Tomkiel said.
The Board of Supervisors will talk about the community’s input on the proposed zoning changes at a work session in mid March.

They hope to have a public hearing where they would vote on the changes in May.

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