What tow truck drivers are seeing this snow storm

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One of the busiest jobs in this weather is tow truck drivers.

John Tennis has owned John Tennis Towing in State College for forty years.
He says in these harsh winter conditions the most common reason drivers call for a tow is because they crash while they are distracted.

“Along with paying attention to the roadways they’re also paying attention to other things, cell phones and just other stuff going on and that’s a big concern of us,” John Tennis, Owner for John Tennis Towing, said.

Tow truck drivers are considered first responders and are included in the move over slow down law.  So, you need to show them the same courtesy as an ambulance or police car when you drive by an accident.

“Whenever you’re approaching an emergency vehicle along the side of the roadway you’re supposed to be slowing down and if possible move into the other lane if you’re on a freeway or a highway,” Tennis said.

If you do crash or break down in weather like this it’s important to have water, a blanket and a cell phone charger, in case the tow truck is delayed.

“In these conditions it sometimes takes us a long time to respond, so you do need to be ready if you do run into a problem,” Tennis said.  “You might be there for a long period of time just before you know your help might show up,”

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