What THON means to cancer survivors and their families

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One of the biggest fundraisers for child cancer in the entire country is going on right now in Centre County.

Thon raises millions of dollars to fight childhood cancer every year.  That money has helped children like Ashley Fazekas.
She had Leukemia when she was one.  Th
e money thon gave to Four Diamonds helped save her life.
“We didn’t have any bills and I’m considered a 2 million dollar child, so that’s a lot,” Ashley, said.
The organizatoin pays all medical costs that insurance doesn’t cover for eligible Four Diamonds children.
Ashley’s mother says it was one less thing they had to worry about.

“Gas money to get to the hospital. it actually bought new tires on our car, little things along the way that financially just helped us,” Elaine Fazekas, said.
The families helped by thon are also paired with fraternities or clubs at penn state.


“I think that it really helps them emotionally, just because it’s a new friend, it’s someone that really is supporting them throughout the entire experience that they’re going through,” Katherine Finneran, Public Relations Captain, for THON 2019, said.

“With THON I’ve met so many people and it makes me feel like I’m not alone, because there’s so many people like me here, and it gives me like a free space away from the whole world, just to have fun and to feel like I’m accepted for what I had,” Ashley, said.

More than sixteen thousand volunteers help raise money throughout the year.  Around seven hundred of them are dancing for forty six hours.

To find out how to donate to THON you can go to:


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