What SCASD says students can do to stay safe and avoid lockdowns

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The State College Area School District is reminding students what to do if they see something suspicious.
This comes after the State College Area High School was put on lockdown on Wednesday because a rumor about a gun in the school.
Students started spreading word a gun was on campus, when there was no gun, only a bullet a student was showing to peers.
Dan Letwin’s son Nicholas, a 9th grader at State College Area High School, was put under lockdown on Wednesday when police responded to the school after a student called their parent about a gun threat on campus.
“My jaw dropped, and I felt a sense of horror, that the kids had even been exposed to the possibility of something like this,” Dan said.
Nicholas was worried his friends on the other side of school maybe in danger.

“It was unsettling,” Nicholas, said.
The State College Area School District says they encourage students to communicate with their parents, but if there’s something that’s an imminent danger, they should not contact their parents first.
“Let someone at the school know, a trusted teacher, an administrator, if there’s any type of safety or welfare concern, you need to let someone know in the school immediately,” Will Stout, Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education, for the State College Area School Distric, said.
He says students cannot bring any type of weapon or ammunition to school.

The best way students can protect themselves is say something if they see something suspicious.
“That would be a reasonable policy for the schools to promote, if there’s something that seems troubling if students have reason to wonder if there’s some sort of dangerous situation,” Dan said.
Students can also report concerns through the “Safe2Say” hotline.
It’s an app that lets folks report suspicious activity anonymously to the state attorney general’s office, so police and the school district can be notified quickly.
For more on “Safe2Say” go to:



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