What Plot Owners Didn’t See Coming At Local Cemetery

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Bellefonte, Pa- Bill Woodring takes care of his relative’s graves every week at the Meyer Cemetery in Bellefonte… mowing, and honoring his lost loved ones with personalized momentos.

But then he saw something he hadn’t before, raised landscaping boundaries around gravestones being ripped out.

“I’ve been doing this over here for 18 years, this area right here, and not once in 18 years have I seen them do this until this past Saturday,” Woodring said.

The cemetery bylaws don’t allow bed boarders that go above ground level. That Bill understands, but he says that law, in his time 18 years coming to the cemetery was never enforced.

“I don’t think they knew about the by-laws, because a lot of people in this cemetery take care of their own graves,” Woodring said.

He gave WTAJ an example:

“This guy here was an ex-marine, purple heart recipient… And they just come in and ripped everything up. And I don’t find that right, I really don’t it’s very disrespectful”.

To Woodring, the biggest problem what he claims is a sudden enforcement of the by-laws.

“I feel they should’ve given people notice before they do something like this,” he said.

WTAJ reached out to the cemetery board to see if they’re required to give any notice to plot owners….And was directed to their legal team, thus far receiving no response.

In the meantime Woodring feels the trash pile of landscaping boundaries may pile up saying: “I don’t think they’re done yet.”

He hopes others come to clean up the landscaping walls around their graves before they’re thrown away.

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