What goes into calling off school for weather

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The Bellwood-Antis School District decided to give all of their school half days Wednesday, because of the single digit temperatures.

The Superintendent for the Bellwood-Antis School District says between these freezing cold temperatures and the wind, they didn’t want to take any chances.
“The kids were excited as normal,” Ben Irvin, Bellwood parent said.
Kids weren’t the only ones happy with wednesday’s half day.
“I was pretty impressed with the decision to get out of school early today as temperatures are supposed to drop and the wind is supposed to pick up,” Ben said.
Ben Irvin is a parent of two high school students in Bellwood. 
With the weather this frigid he’s concerned his kids could get frostbite or hypothermia in the short walk from home to school.
“They gotta’ walk 6, 7 blocks to school.  I always said put a hat, coat and gloves on them, they’ll be alright, but the temperatures we have coming here, you don’t want to be out in that,” Irvin said.
Superintendent Dr. Thomas McInroy says they consider a number of things when deciding if school should be canceled or delayed.
Such as dangerously low temperatures, if it’s close to zero degrees or ten below with wind-chill, the school district doesn’t want to risk student’s safety.
They also factor in how kids get to and from school.
“The number of students that will be traveling on roads that have been shut, students who walk, and what the average walk time is for them to get to school, and how well the sidewalks have been taken care of,” Superintendet McInroy, said.
He says the Bellwood-Antis School District hopes to have “Virtual Learning Days” in the next few years.
That would allow students to do school work on school ipads from home when the weather is bad.

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