Weis Markets Stocking Up for Upcoming Storm

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Weis Markets is preparing for the storm by bringing in more goods and employees, to be ready for the customers who are stocking up.

You know the grocery store is going to be busy if you go the day before the Super Bowl, a holiday or a Penn State football game, but a Wednesday in mid November?
Weis Market employees say they had all check out lanes open at some points Wednesday.  Even with that lines were still packed.
Milk, eggs, toilet paper…all necessities Weis Markets is stocking up on for the extra shoppers preparing for the predicted storm.
“I’ve been hearing that there’s going to be a pretty major storm and with some ice, and that is not feeling real good, so I wanted to make sure that I have everything that I need,” Beth Boyer, Shopper at Weis Markets, said.
Boyer, says she’s concerned roads will be too dangerous to drive on the next few days, so she wants to make sure she doesn’t run out of necessities.
“You never really know how long things are going to go on, or how much ice we’re gonna’ get as opposed to snow.”
Weis Market on Rolling Ridge Dr in State College brought in at least 3 more cashiers and few more stockers in the dairy section.
When a big storm is predicted like the one on Thursday, Weis Markets starts planning accordingly.
“We are able to call the warehouse down in Sunbury and have additional items shipped,” Chris Harris, Assistant Store Manager for Weis Markets on Rolling Ridge Dr, in State College, said.  “Our corporate office is also really on top of upcoming storms and stuff like that and they’re able to help and tell us they’re upping our shipments, that they’re sending additional shipments and machines sure that we’re doing what we can for the community.”

Weis Markets throughout Central PA are stocking up for the big storm.

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