Weis and Shipt Bring Home Delivery Service to Happy Valley

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Today Weis and the delivery service, “Shipt”, opened their same day delivery service to State College and Bellefonte.

Jen Perry, a single mother of 3 in Bellefonte, says between a full-time job and taking her daughters to sports practices and games, it can be a daily challenge getting dinner ready. 

She says having home market delivery service would make her life easier.

“I have to divide and try to make myself stretch as far as I can,” Perry said.

She says that stretching just got easier now that she can get everything she needs without a trip to the store.
With Shipt, you order the food on your phone and can include specifics like brand and flavor, so it’s just like you’re  picking out the exact items yourself.
“You can leave a comment on any object in the app, so let’s say you add bananas to your cart and you want really green bananas, you can leave a comment and say I want green bananas and your shopper will be able to see that and they’ll pick out those bananas according to your personal preference,” Julie Coop, Director of Corporate Communication with Shipt said.

Jen says she sometimes drives to Weis three times a week, but now can use her time for other things.
“This is an incredible option for someone like me,” Perry said.  “It allows me to go ahead and plan and do the things that I do and yet it removes one more running of an errand, pulls it from the equation.”

To find out if Shipt delivery is offered near you, you can go to:

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