Weinstein accuser talks about #MeToo at Penn State

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One of the first women who claimed Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted her spoke at Penn State Wednesday night.
Actress Mira Sorvino told students about different times in her life when she’s been sexually assaulted.
She says she decided she had to tell her story, to help give other victims courage to do the same.
“Although you will always bare the scars of what happened to you, there can be something called post tramuatic growth, where actually you take it and you turn that experience into something that can be a force for good,” Sorvino, said.
Sorvino talked with penn state students Wednesday night explaining how telling the truth being a sexual assault victim freed her and hopes that speaking up can change the lives of others.
Penn State Senior, Devon Collins says this topic is very relevant for college students in this day and age.
“We’re going on into our future life as adults and s working in our professions, we need to take the skills for how to be proactive bystanders, how to standup for and how to make Penn State’s campus here, not only here but then take that forward into the workforce,” Collins, said.
Before Sorvino left campus, she was approached by a woman in the crowd proving to her that this message is making a difference.
“The one young lady told me, “Thank you, because of this speech, I’m going to go out and get the help that I need, that I haven’t asked for”, and I hugged her and then she started to cry and you know there’s a lot of pain out there, there’s a lot of suffering that has been created by these type of events, this kind of behavior and we’re here to heal,” Sorvino said.
Tonight Sorvino made sure students are aware of other global sexual assault movements that have resources for them.
Of course there are “metoo” and “time’s up” but there are other movenments like
“That’s Harrassment”,
“The Truth has a Voice”,
and “No More.”

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