Weather Impacts Your Car’s Tire Pressure

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During the winter months, you may see that annoying light with the exclamation point, otherwise known as the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) alarm, light up on your car dashboard. This means your car has low tire pressure and the weather plays a factor. 

Warm and cold air changes air pressure. Cold air is dense and takes up less space, while warm air will take up more space. In the summer if your tires are properly inflated, the air takes up the room within the tire. Now in the winter, that amount of air will take up less space in the tire when it is cold outside, and this will lead to lower tire pressure. 

If you park outside and you know that bitter cold air is in the forecast, you may want to check your tire’s air pressure levels and fill it up some so that when the air contracts from the cold your TPMS light will not turn on. 

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