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The record-breaking rain we’ve had this past year has caused auto body shops to fill up with cars that have rusty rocker panels.  Those are the strips underneath the doors of your car.
Matthew Waite, Co-owner of Waite’s Auto Body shop in Bellefonte, says they’re seeing more cars with big rusty rocker panel issues this year, than most years.
“Coming in with the rocker panel rust in more than one place and the bed wheel wells on the trucks, getting in around there, the frames, brake lines, all that kind of stuff,” Waite, said.
He says rocker panels get rusty from extra water running down a car and from salt brine on the roads during snow storms.  This can lead to major damage to your car.
Rust on a rocker panel is just the beginning, next it starts cracking, which causes internal problems in the car.

“Depending upon where these holes are in the rocker, some of them go into the interior compartment, so you can get exhaust gases leaking inside and that causes problems, that’s a safety concern,” Waite said.  “It’s safety for inspection also.”
You can take your vehicle to a car wash for a cleaning underneath the car this will help keep your car clear of any salt brine.  There are also protective sprays and creams that help keep rust at bay.
“There’s several companies that make anti-corrosive protectants that you can do right from the get-go whenever you buy a new car, have em’ rust-proofed and everything,” Waite said.
If your rocker panel is rusted there’s only one thing you can do, have it replaced, it’s a job that can take a while and cost up to $4,000.

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