Watch Out for School Buses!

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You may see a few more police cars patrolling over the next couple of weeks. Officers want to assure that children heading back to school have a safe trip.

State law requires drivers to activate the amber lights on the school bus  150 to 300 feet before the bus stops and then rollout the red stop arm, once the bus has stopped. At that point, you must stop, unless you want to put kids at risk and face a $250 fine and points on your license.

Fullington Trailways transports students from several area districts. Safety Director Rick Focht says most drivers do obey the law, but he and state police warn that special steps are being taken to catch those who don’t.

“A lot of buses now are actually equipped with cameras that will also help to identify violators who do run the red lights,” Focht explains.

And Trooper Joseph Dunsmore, Community Service Officer at Troop G, State Police in Hollidaysburg, says, “We will be following school buses for the first few weeks of the school year and we will be looking out for motorists that violate this particular law.”

Dunsmore adds, “The only time that you would be permitted to pass a school bus is if you are on a divided highway,  that is separated by a physical barrier.”

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