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Performing magic tricks at the age of just two, Jake Schwartz has a passion for wowing crowds and tricking minds everywhere! Also a sophomore student at Penn State, Jake has been performing his magic professionally for a few years, visiting venues and putting on shows near his hometown of Philadelphia. Jake visited the WTAJ studios to show the morning team some of the tricks that he keeps up his sleeve.

The first trick involves a deck of cards. Jake has Maggie and K.C. each choose a random card from the deck. Then Jake has Maggie open a magic envelope that has been sealed with duct tape. Inside she reveals a piece of paper with Ace of Hearts written on it, which matches Maggie’s card. Next, Jake discovers that he needs to guess K.C.’s card, but there is no other envelope to be found to reveal the card like what was demonstrated with Maggie’s. Jake takes a lighter to the back of the piece of paper which magically makes Maggie’s Ace of Hearts disappear, and K.C.’s 10 of Diamonds appear in it’s place.

Jake says magic has helped him so much in life, including becoming a better student. If you’re interested in checking out more of Jake’s work you can visit his website at

Jake is performing at the Smoke and Mirrors Magic Theater located at Landmark Business Center on 2840 Pine Road in Philadelphia on December 28th at 6 p.m. You can click here to get tickets.

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