“Warming Tree” Helps the Cold in Bellefonte

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If you’re in Centre County and need some warmer clothes the Bellefonte Police department may be able to help you out.

This Christmas tree, dubbed the “Warming Tree” by the Bellefonte Police department is a place where scarfs, beanies or gloves can be donated or picked up to help those in need get through the long cold months.

Beckie Romig, homeless advocate in State College, says she’s known homeless people who have had frostbite on their feet.

She says having a place where you can get a second pare of socks will make a huge difference for people on the street.

“With our homeless population in the Winter when the snow falls and you’re walking around and weather it’s wet from your feet or shoes leak and your socks get wet, changes of socks are key to keeping their feet healthy,” Romig said.

Beckie thinks it’s great how the Bellefonte Police department keeps the warming tree up for those in need, well past Christmas.
“I love the fact that they have it up for an extended season as well as the fact that it seems like anyone can go in and pick up the items,” Romig said.  “There’s no rules or financial guidelines that folks have to follow, but anyone can go in, no questions asked.”
If you would like to donate warm clothing or get some, you can go to the Bellefonte Police department between Monday and Friday from 8am to 4:30pm.

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