Warm start to winter boosting some local businesses

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HUNTINGDON COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — During the winter, many construction companies hold off on pouring concrete and pavement, but on 50-degree days, they can get more done and save money.

“It’s savings for everybody, you know this type of weather,” Dwight Rittenhouse, owner of Mount Union Lumber Supply, said.

And no winter weather means no need for plows .

“(Think of) the tax dollars and the revenue that we’re saving because we’re not spreading that salt all over the road. We might be paying the operators of the trucks but we’re not paying them overtime,” Rittenhouse said.

Workers poured concrete at the new Ace Hardware store in Huntingdon on Wednesday afternoon, something usually unheard of during January.

“After November 15, that’s the magic date you know after that. The plans shut down. We’re not gonna do any asphalt. The ground’s too cold,” Rittenhouse said.

Rittenhouse said there have only been a few days that his crews have needed to dig the frost off the top of the ground and lay down insulated blankets to cover newly-poured concrete.

“If we can cut out a half of day’s work, that means that we got something else done that day other than covering up the concrete and uncovering it the next day and dragging blankets around,” he said.

Rittenhouse added he and other construction workers aren’t looking forward to the snow this weekend, but they’ll take what they can get for the rest of this week.

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