ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ)– An Altoona woman is in custody after she appeared on Altoona Police Department’s Facebook wanted list post and attempted to run away from police.

Daisie Morgan, 25, faces a felony count of escape as well as a misdemeanor count of false identification to law enforcement officers when she provided police with a false name.

Police were dispatched to a convenience store on the 1200 block of 16th Street in the evening of Wednesday, Sept. 15th in regard to Morgan being in the store and having arrest warrants out for her. When police arrived at the store they did make contact with Morgan, according to police.

Outside the store, police asked Morgan for identification and told her that they were currently looking Daisie Morgan. Morgan provided police with her sister’s name, not hers. She failed to provide the police with any physical form of ID or social security number.

Officers refused to let her go since she was part of the investigation, they also informed her that it is a crime to provide officers with false information. Daise continued to back that her name was her sister’s.

Daise then attempted to run away as police were trying to confirm her identity. Morgan ran across 16th street as officers were trying to capture her. Eventually, the police caught her and “escorted her to the ground,” according to the complaint.

Morgan was placed into handcuffs and was transported to UPMC Altoona for a medical evaluation after she said that her head was hit and her ear hurt. While at the hospital she told police that she did know about the arrest warrants out for her because someone sent her the Altoona police Department wanted list post.

Morgan currently resides in Blair county jail with a bail set at $50,000. She awaits a preliminary hearing scheduled for Sept. 22.

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