Volunteers needed to clean headstones at the Johnstown Flood Memorial Plot of the Unknown

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JOHNSTOWN, Pa. (WTAJ) — A local organization that raises funds for the Johnstown Flood National Memorial is looking for volunteers to help clean over 800 headstones that belong to those who died in the iconic flood.

The Friends of the Johnstown Flood National Memorial will be holding a clean up event on Saturday April 17th and Saturday April 24th at 10 a.m. at the Plot of the Unknown at Grandview Cemetery in Johnstown.

“For one we must remember those that didn’t have anybody to remember them because they are unknown and these stones have not been cleaned since they were installed in 1889/1890 time period,” said Former President of the Friends of the Johnstown Flood Memorial, Rob Koenigsberg.

The organization is welcoming everyone to come out and participate in the effort to preserve pieces of local history. Each of the 816 headstones have to be soaked, scraped, scrubbed and rinsed individually by a volunteer. Volunteers are welcome to bring their own gloves and natural bristle brushes (no synthetic bristle brushes allowed) to the cleanup. A biological cleaner will be sprayed on each individual sight to help wear away moss, mold, and debris on the stones. The agent will work long term as well when soaked into the pores of the stone.

For more information on volunteering email rkoenigsberg11@gmail.com or call Rob at (814) 244-0899.

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