Vitamin D deficiency, what to know

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Central Pennsylvania broke records for rain this past year, which meant less sunshine.  Health experts say 2 out 3 people in the northeast have vitamin D levels that are too low.

“It’s something that is a every day thing and not everybody knows of it, I didn’t,” Lisa Sprankle, from Tyrone, said.
Lisa was feeling tired constantly and didn’t know why.
After getting blood work done during a normal check up she found out she was vitamin D deficient.
“When “If you spend a lot of time indoors you’re at particular risk, whether it’s an office worker, physician’s actually have an increased risk, because we spend long hours indoors,” Dr. Ralph McKibbin, Gastroenterologist, for Blair Gastroenterology Associates, said.
The time of year and the weather we’re having aren’t the only factors that lead to low Vitamin D.”
“When you’re low in Vitamin D many times you have a digestive disease,” Dr. McKibbin, said.
He found that to be the case with Chelsea Garcia Ortega.
She has Crohn’s Disease but found out she was vitamin D deficient just over five years ago.


“I’d have to sleep 12 or 14 hours a night just to even feel rested, come home from work, sleep till’ the next day, get nothing done, sleep all weekend,” Chelsea said.
A healthy adult should have Vitamin D levels of 600-800 units a day, up to 2,000 in some cases. 
Chelsea’s levels were in the 30s and staying in low vitamin D range increases your chances of cancer.
So Dr. Mckibbin recommended the over the counter supplement, vitamin D3.

“I can sleep a normal amount, when I wake up in the morning, I wake up feeling rested, which is a big difference,” Chelsea said.
Lisa takes 5-thousand units a day and says it’s making a difference.

“People figure it’s just a vitamin that they don’t need, but actually you do, because it helps your bones and everything else,” Lisa said.
She says if you’re feeling extremely exhausted and muscle aches checking with your doctor for low vitamin D could change your life.

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