VIRAL MOMENT: Our D.C. reporter asks Trump about 2020 running mate

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President Donald Trump announced today that he will be running with Mike Pence as his Vice President in the 2020 election.

WTAJ’s White House Correspondent,  Mark Meredith, asked President Trump the question during his news conference about the recent election results.

Below is the full back and forth between Mark Meredith and President Trump on last night’s election results and the 2020 race. President Trump announced that Mike Pence will once again be his running mate.

“I know you went through the results, and I know you studied them last night. What lesson did you learn most from looking at those results. Is there one thing, as you kind of reviewed them, that you’ll change your strategy, not just for Congress, but kind of going forward,” said Meredith.

“I think the results that I learned and maybe confirmed, is I think people like me,” said President Trump. “I think people like the job I’m doing, frankly. Because if you look at every place I went to do a rally, I couldn’t do it with everybody. And it was very hard to do it with people in Congress, because it’s just too many, too many stops. But I did it the Senate; I did it with Andy Barr, as you know. And he won. He won. A very tough race against McGrath. A very tough race in Kentucky. And he was down quite a bit, and I went there, and we had a tremendous, very successful, some of you were at that, rally  And he won that race. But I could only do that so much, because there are so many players involved. But I did focus on the Senate, and we had tremendous success with the Senate.”

“Can I ask you one more question?” said Meredith. “A lot of people are going to be rushing to Iowa, rushing to New Hampshire. You know that the Democrats are already looking ahead to 2020.  Do you want to lock down your ticket right now, sir? Will the Vice President be your running mate in 2020?”

“Well, I haven’t asked him, but I hope so,” said President Trump. “Where are you? Mike, will you be my running mate? Stand up Mike. Raise your right hand. No, I’m only kidding. Will you? Okay, yes. The answer is yes. That was unexpected, but I feel very fine.”

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