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OSCEOLA MILLS, CLEARFIELD COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ)– A Clearfield man wants to channel feelings of nostalgia by taking vintage race cars these back to the dirt track.

Bud Garvey’s Racing Museum in Osceola Mills has many vintage racers on display.

“My hobby was repairing all these, fixing all these cars up, we found in the back fields and everything like that, put them back together,” Bud Garvey said.

While these cars are on display now, Clearfield resident Jim Kirkwood wants to bring other vintage racers out of storage.

“This area is very steep in history with racing,” Kirkwood said. “What we’re trying to do is bring that back to the area.”

After Hidden Valley Speedway reopened in Clearfield last year, Kirkwood saw his chance.

He’s partnering with Hidden Valley and Dog Hollow Speedway in Northern Cambria for some vintage modified racing.

The races will be open-invitation, and visitors can follow their own club rules– meaning anyone with a vintage racer can join.

“You turn up, whatever club you’re from, whatever group you’re from, your car has to meet those rules, then we put you in one of the two classes we have, then we go racing, it’s simple,” Kirkwood said.

The hope is the racing will attract spectators and racers back into the sport.

“I’m trying to get guys out there that have cars in their sheds, down in the barn, trying to get them involved,” Kirkwood said. “Get your car going, bring it down, let’s go racing, and let’s have a good time.”

As of now, there are four races scheduled for the summer.

Dog Hollow will host races on June 19 and September 6.

Hidden Valley will host a race on August 22, and tentatively July 4.

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