Vigil held for Penn State student who was shot and killed in Philadelphia

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Philadelphia police are still looking for the person who shot and killed twenty-year old Penn State student, Nicholas Flacco at a Philadelphia park Saturday night.

Tuesday night students filled the base of the Old Main steps, celebrating the life of Nicholas Flacco, who many called “a brother”.  

Students prayed and sang the hymn, “Amazing Grace.”
Philip Clauhs, Nicholas’ co-worker at Champs Bar, and friend recalls the moment his boss told him his co-worker was killed.
“”He brought us all aside, all the security and he told us what had happened, and those of us that are very close to him, we couldn’t move, I mean I just felt the blood drain from my face, I felt sick,” Clauhs, said.
Flacco was shot and killed Saturday night in Philadelphia while celebrating his birthday.
Police say the gunman shot Flacco after an argument and dare by Flacco’s friends to pull the trigger.
Flacco’s friends at Penn State say it’s important to celebrate the life he lived.
“He would never let anything get him down,” Gaven Womack, Nicholas’ Friend, said.  “It was always hard to be down around him, he would always bring you up.”

“If they canceled classes today and they allowed everybody to be out and come to this, there’d be a thousand people easy, without a doubt in my mind, he touched everybody,” Clauhs, said.

Police say a $36,500 reward will be handed out for information that helps them make an arrest.

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