Victim strangled to the point of passing out numerous times, man arrested on slew of assault charges

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CLEARFIELD COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ)–A Clearfield County man faces a slew of assault charges after police received a call from the victim who said they were hurt and the man was actively destroying the home.

Cameron Wisor, 25, faces felony counts of strangulation as well as terroristic threats with the intent to terrorize another person, unlawful restraint and also harassment charges according to police.

At around 4;29 a.m. today, Sept. 9, police received a call from a person who said they were on their way to Lawerence Township Police Department and that Wisor has harmed the victim and was also destroying the house.

Once the victim arrived, police immediately took them to the interview room. The victim explained that Wisor has been living with her for the past two months. She went to a funeral on Sept. 5 and that Wisor and the victim had made plans for him to move out. Instead, Wisor hid in a sparely used guest bedroom to confront the victim when she returned.

When she returned from the funeral, Wisor jumped out of the bedroom and proceeded to punch, kick and shove the victim to the ground, this would happen for four more days.

Police were shown bruises on the victim that were healing along with a bloodshot right eye that the victim said was “recently punched in.”

Wisor threatened to harm and kill the victim multiple times through the four days with one of the ways specifically being that he would stomp her head in and then continue to stomp on her head when she would be facedown on the ground according to the police complaint.

The victim also stated that there were at least four times where Wisor would strangle the victim with both of his hands to the point where she was on the verge of passing out. Police asked if it blurred the victim’s vision but the victim said that their sight was already blurred from being hit in the face.

The victim and Wisor would work the same days and on Sept. 8, Wisor got a ride from the victim back to the house. police asked why they would give Wisor the ride and the victim responded that they thought if they wouldn’t give him the ride then Wisor would burn the house down.

Once they arrived home, Wisor continued to scream and beat her. The victim’s phone was damaged during the altercation so the Google assistant had to make the 911 call. During the interview, Wisor continually kept calling the victim’s phone.

Throughout the four days of the physical abuse, Wisor would not allow the victim to leave the residence. When Wisor was in the shower, the victim escaped the house and contacted police.

Wisor currently is confined in Clearfield County Prison, unable to post bail and currently awaits a preliminary hearing scheduled for Sept. 15.

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