Vice President Mike Pence is coming to Shady Grove Pennsylvania today, just a few miles from the Maryland border.

He’ll be visiting the Manitowoc cranes company based out of Shady Grove .
He will tour the facility and speak to over 1,000 employees.
The Vice President plans to highlight the administration’s efforts on the United States-Mexico-Canada agreement and the impact it will have on our state.
The agreement is a new version of the North American Free Trade Agreement, and is signed by President Trump, Canada’s Prime Minister, and Mexico’s former President.
The provisions of the agreement include agricultural produce, manufactured products, and digital trade among others.
The president of the Blair County Chamber of Commerce says he’s not surprised Vice President Pence is coming to Pennsylvania to talk about the trade agreement because of the amount of diverse products the state exports.

“I’m not surprised that the vice president would be in Pennsylvania talking about the importance of it because there are just a lot of business that will be affected in a positive or negative way depending on the outcome” says Blair County Chamber of Commerce President, Joe Hurd.

The effects of the agreement could include lower tariffs on some goods, and an increase in the use of technology and digital trade.
The agreement is still waiting to be ratified by each country’s legislature.