Vacant house causes pest problems for neighborhood

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JOHNSONBURG, ELK COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ)– A vacant home is causing problems in a Johnsonburg neighborhood as hundreds of cockroaches plague the street.

Neighbors are being told there isn’t anything Elk County or Johnsonburg Borough can do about it.

The residents on the property on Second Avenue were evicted around three weeks ago.

Ever since, neighbor Jessica Gent says she spends every evening stomping, spraying and hoping more cockroaches don’t get near her house.

“You could stand out here for hours just squishing them because they crawl everywhere,” Gent said. “It’s just been non-stop treatment every night for the past couple of weeks.”

She said she’s gone to Johnsonburg Borough Council, but was told there wasn’t anything they can do.

That’s because the house is up for a tax repository sale, which creates a legal limbo for county and local governments to do anything about it.

So it sits costing neighbors money and peace of mind.

“I try to keep our house clean and then you have to worry about keeping cockroaches from the next door house getting in our house,” neighbor Scott Clark said.

“Between physically getting sick, and mental stress and financial stress of just everything, it’s just overwhelming,” Gent said.

Both neighbors are asking for some solution to be found so the pest problem doesn’t continue.

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