Update: Construction on Potters Mills Gap road project

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Potters Mills, Centre County, Pa-  On Tuesday officials announced crews will continue construction that will lead to a high-speed, 4-lane road through a portion of Potters Mills Gap.

The road will run from an intersection with Sand Mountain road to the bottom of Potters Mills.

The intersection of routes 144 and 322 will be eliminated when construction is complete. Replacing the intersection will be a high speed interchange with access to 322.

The project manager, John Wert, believes the project, when complete, will improve safety, given frequent accidents near that intersection.

“This is a very dangerous piece of road, there’s been many accidents since we’ve even been here, and with the 4-lane, it should reduce the number of accidents in this area,” Wert said.

WTAJ also asked Wert about challenges his team faces in completing construction.

Wert said, “Number one the weather’s been very challenging this year, but also this is a very narrow piece of road. We’re right on top of traffic. along with very large boulders along the edge of the road, and a very aggressive schedule as well.”

Excavation, including the of blasting large rocks, is a major task still ahead for work crews.

When this blasting occurs, PennDot reminds drivers there could be 15-minute traffic stops to keep drivers safe from any falling debris.

The project is expected to be complete by 2020.

Construction will be halted on the project this Thursday, Friday, and the following Monday for the Thanksgiving holiday.

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