JOHNSTOWN, Pa. (WTAJ) — A union representative addressed concerns for student and staff safety at the Greater Johnstown Area School District school board meeting on Tuesday.

The Greater Johnstown Education Association, the union representing more than 200 teachers in the district, had a representative speak in public comment about the current issues within the districts that have resulted in teachers having anxiety and feeling unsafe, citing an increase in bad behavior from students.

The representative said that the teachers did not have confidence in the superintendent’s leadership.

“The behavior we are witnessing firsthand are symptoms of this root cause,” Dr. Arcurio said at the board meeting. “We’ve had meetings and executive sessions with you to discuss safety and security issues. We’ve listened. We’ve learned from you, and we’ve responded.”

Superintendent Dr. Amy Arcurio said the district needs more resources to address the needs of the students.

Nancy Behe, president of the teacher’s union, said teachers are out on worker’s compensation due to injuries sustained related to student violence.

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“We have students who are arrested in school then return to the classroom with repeated incidents,” said Behe. “What kind of message does that send to other students that follow the rules? We want to preserve the acceptable behaviors that the majority of students display daily, and deter unacceptable behaviors with consequences. We don’t want behaviors taking away from the educational goals in class. And what kind of message does that send to staff about the lack of support and the lack of basic priority the district places on their safety and wellbeing?”