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President Bill Deeley told us this may be his last year at the helm, thinking it’s time to pass it on to the younger guys. He shared with us some of his fondest memories of his time with the club. 

This was Deeley’s 34 trek up to Gobbler’s Knob. He’s seen his goals come to fruition and he said he’s ready to hand the club over to the younger members of the club

He explained, “One of my goals was to build the information center and the office and do a lot of repairs up on the knob and I think it’s going to happen this summer so I think it’s time to drift away.”

While it may be time to ride into the sunset, the memories last for ever. One of his fondest memories is a time where Phil decided to be a little difficult. It was the first year they introduced fireworks up at the Knob and Punxsy Phil was too pleased.  

Deeley detailed, “Normally if you open those doors in the morning, Phil is sitting there in his hay ready to do this all cozy and fuzzy. And I open it up…and no Phil!” 

With the eyes of the anxious crowd on the stage, the frantic search began. He explained, “I could see some straw moving down in there so I’m about up to my elbow and finally I find some hair and I find a foot and I start pulling and doing whatever.  I come up and whoa, I swear it felt like 3 hours but it was really 3 or 4 minutes and I come up with Phil and there he was.” 

I’m sure you’d be scared too if fireworks woke you up! 

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