Uber announces new safety push alert system

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Uber just announced they are adding safety precautions to their app, to keep riders from getting in cars of people posing as Uber drivers.

Two young ladies in State College were molested last fall when they got into cars they assumed were their Uber rides. 

Last month a student in south carolina was murdered after she got in a car she thought was her uber ride.
To stop situations like this from happening, uber is starting a push alert system.
Uber says they’ll send out push alerts to riders, reminding them to make sure they have the right driver and vehicle.

The alert will include the driver’s name, license plate number and vehicle make and model.
Shawn Morrison, Sergeant for the Ferguson Township Police Department says these are great things to confirm, but don’t stop there.
“I would also suggest the color of the vehicle, and then they’re also saying, the “What’s my name?”, the hashtag, “What’s my name?”, that’s a great thing, because if you have the app, the diver should know who they’re picking up,” SGT. Morrison said.
It also works the other way around.

“Ask the driver what their name is, you can see their driver’s license.”
He says look for unusual things about the driver or the car, so it will be easier for police to find them if they need to.

“If you notice a scar, or they’re wearing weird clothes, or there’s certain type of damage to the car on a certain area,” Sgt. Morrison said.
He recommends taking a picture of the car, the license plate and the driver.
Sergeant Morrison says if you have a bad feeling about the driver who shows up, don’t get in the car, and if you plan on drinking, get a friend who will stay sober and make sure you are making safe decisions on your way home.

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