U.S. government partially shuts down, impacts thousands of workers

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The U.S. government partially shutdown Friday night and the Senate – unable to strike a deal – has adjourned until after Christmas, leaving thousands of government workers wondering about their next paycheck.

The issue at stake is over President Donald Trump’s $5 billion request to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. 

Due to the shutdown, there is funding for some, but not all government agencies. Federal workers, like Department of Agriculture employee Mike Lewis, may be without his next paycheck.

“You try to prepare for it but it’s hard to prepare for something like this, just try to do as best as you can,” Lewis said.

Without a deal, funding ran out for nine federal agencies that employ about 800,000 people. Those deemed essential, like air traffic controllers, TSA workers and border patrol agents, would have to work, but without pay. About 400,000 would be furloughed.

“I think we’ll get one more paycheck because we just put in our pay but after that, you don’t know what the future stands,” said Scott Carmine, a federal worker.

There are parts of the government that won’t be affected, including the Pentagon, the VA and all congressional staff. The U.S. postal service will continue to deliver mail. Social security checks will still be sent out and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation will press forward.

However, the most visible impact will be at national parks. Some will be closed entirely and the sites that are able to stay open will do so without National Park Service staff responsible for maintaining restrooms and running visitor centers.

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