JEFFERSON COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ) — In a bid to unseat U.S. congressmen Glenn Thompson (R), George Rathmell’s run came to an end after his name was removed from the ballot.

Rathmell’s name was removed from the Republican Primary for the 15th Congressional District House Seat after a state appellate court ordered it be removed due to not having enough valid signatures. The Punxsutawney resident also listed “Army Chaplain” as his occupation, but he retired from the military three decades ago.

Rathmell was supposed to have a least 1,000 valid signatures of electors registered in his party in order to have his name on the primary election ballot. Rathmell had 1,306 signatures, however, Pat Saylor and Carol Gingrich both challenged over 400 signatures, saying they were fatally flawed.

While most of the signatures were thrown out due to a lack of sufficient knowledge of the validity of signatures, there were also signatures tossed due to being from the wrong county, missing district numbers and incomplete statements among others. A total of 411 signatures were stricken from the list.

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Thompson is now running unopposed in the primary election.