BLAIR COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ) — A Tyrone man was charged after police discovered he had multiple child pornographic videos on his cell phone and shared them on Snapchat.

Police documents show the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) was contacted by Snapchat stating that files of child pornography had been uploaded and shared on July 12, 2021. Police were able to use the IP address to find locate the address of the man and on October 13, 2021, police searched the home of 25-year-old Andrew Paul Holpit Jr.

Upon interviewing Holpit, he admitted to police he obtained child pornography but had “no real interest in children.” Holpit told police he did not actively search for child porn, but finds it while looking for “regular porn” and that he does not like children sexually but that regular porn became boring.

Police took Holpit’s phone and found 21 videos and 18 images that showed sexual abuse of children with sexual contact in all the videos and 13 of the photos. All the children were under the age of 13, with most of them being infants or toddlers, according to the charges filed.

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Holpit was charged with 39 counts of child porn among a total of 79 total charges. He is currently out on supervised bail and must undergo a mental health evaluation. His preliminary arraignment was held on April 21 and his preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 3 at 9 a.m.