BLAIR COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ)– A porch camera that recorded a man dropping a kitten out of his truck onto a street in Tyrone has led to multiple charges.

Russell Walk Jr., 42, of Tyrone was caught on camera when he stopped his silver Ford Raptor pickup on the 1300 block of Blair Avenue and dropped a kitten out of his driver’s side window.

The incident happened the morning of July 23 and the kitten can be seen running off the heavily traveled road, according to police.

Police were shown the video and later visited the homeowner who had taken the kitten into their care, according to court documents.

Police noted the kitten appeared to be about eight-weeks-old and the homeowner was going to get veterinarian care.

In a post on Facebook about the video, Walk commented that he couldn’t kill the kitten and that he was hoping to give it another chance, police noted. The full comment from Walk on the Facebook post was provided by police and is below:

“So this kitten was dropped off at my house and I tried to give it away but nobody wanted it. I liked the little guy so I didn’t have the heart to kill it as most all other farmers do to stray cats. So I was hoping to relocate to give the little guy a chance. Sorry for offending anyone but my intentions were not cruel but rather merciful. In the future, I’ll take any strays dropped off at my house to the humane society where they can be euthanized peacefully.”

On July 26, police received a letter about the kitten from Tyrone Veterinary Associates, which said that it was in good health and that the only danger it was ever in was when it was thrown on a busy roadway where it could have been hit by traffic.

Police then interviewed Walk who told them that the people at his residence wanted him to kill the cat, but he wanted to “give it another chance”. Walk also said to police that his cat was torturing the kitten and he couldn’t find anyone willing to take the kitten, police noted.

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Walk faces charges of cruelty to animals, neglect of animals and also driving an unregistered vehicle, according to court documents.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for September 6.