Tyrone Council appoints first female police chief

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BLAIR COUNTY, Pa (WTAJ)- Tyrone Borough Council made history at Monday’s meeting by appointing Jessica Walk as the new police chief. Walk is now the first female police chief in Tyrone’s 164-year history.

The council had a unanimous vote to make Walk the police. The council did not vote with just a simple ‘yes,’ they voted with ‘absolutely’ or ‘golden tickets.’ Walk’s reaction after the vote was full of excitement, and she was speechless.

“I am speechless. I’m excited for the opportunity,” Walk said.

Walk has served in the police department for 19 years. She was appointed interim police chief twice in service, once back in 2010 and then in December 2020. Tyrone Mayor Bill Latchford said that the council knew that Walk was perfect for the job from years of watching her serve the community.

“I can tell you; I believe everyone is excited for it,” Mayor Latchford said. “I’ve known Jess ever since she got here, and she always has been fantastic with the public. She will fit this position great.”

Alongside the council’s support, she had her team of officers standing in the meeting as her support. She looks forward to being their permanent leader.

“I think they’re happy. I had good support tonight from the officers,” Walk said. “The morale is pretty good in the departments. We all get along. Everyone does what they’re supposed to do. It’s a great department.”

One of Walk’s inspirations is her six-year-old daughter, who aspires to be just like her. Walk is excited to touch and be a role model to little girls within the area.

“It’s exciting. I have a six-year-old daughter; she wants to be a police officer,” Walk said. “I try to be a good role model for little girls.”

Walk is going into this position with 19 years of support from the Tyrone community. She is looking forward to serving her time as the permanent police chief.

“I think I have a lot of support within the community and good rapport with the people,” Walk said. “Over the last 19 years, I’ve got to know a lot of people.”

“I’m happy for her. It’s well deserved, she deserves,” Mayor Latchford said. “She put in her time and no if, and, or buts that she was going to be it for us.”

One of the first things Walk plans to do is getting settled in her new office. Then, she plans to update patrolling schedules, policies, and structures within the force.

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