TYRONE, Pa. (WTAJ) — Since the pandemic began it has been a trying time for small businesses, but one Tyrone business was just recognized by the state for their growth. Steller Floors shared their message that there is a large gap for the way small businesses and corporations are able to foster themselves in the early years.

When Evan Stover was building the company up, he came up with the idea of a solid hardwood floating floor, but he had a choice; take it to another company or start his own. He believed in himself, and the rest is history.

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“We’ve created a system of latching the wood together using a plastic connector that does not get connected to the sub floor,” said Stover. “So, what that does is it allows the floor to expand and contract like wood products do without any ill effects. There is no gapping in the floor. If you ever spill something on the floor.”

Steller Floors was recently awarded a $500,000 grant by the Ben Franklin Technology Development Authority which has allowed the business to grow faster than they could have ever imagined.

“We were able to do marketing pushes, we were able to go to trade shows far before a company of our size normally would and that allowed us to get out there in the wider audience and allowed us to get a lot of the features that we’ve gotten, a lot of the popularity that we’ve gotten, and allowed us to sell our first floor, not in Pennsylvania, but out west.”

At a ceremony Thursday evening they were recognized for their growth and to show that local businesses need to be fostered so they can continue to thrive.

“They’re really a perfect poster child for what we should be doing in Pennsylvania,” said Senator Judy Ward. “They use Pennsylvania hardwoods, they employ local people, they’re an economic developer here helping the Tyrone community, and they’ve used Pennsylvania state resources to get their business going.”