BLAIR COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) – Following Tyrone’s historic state championship victory, two best friends, who have been together since birth, reflected on a promise they made to themselves after tragedy struck.

“Our friend Adam, he passed away of cancer in fourth grade,” Brandon Lucas, a graduating senior on the Tyrone Golden Eagles baseball team, said. With his best friend and teammate Rodney Shultz by his side, following the baseball team’s first-ever state championship. “So, every year since, me and Rodney made it our job, we were going to do something good for Adam, something special. And this is it right here this is for Adam Fink.”

The two graduating seniors have been together since day one… quite literally

“You can’t even make it up how close we’ve been,” Shultz said. Our moms were pregnant together. The whole way up through, we’ve been together best friends till the end.”

But the dynamic duo, “Thunder and Lightning” as their moms call them, was once a trio. Growing up side-by-side, Lucas, Shultz, and Fink would play wiffleball in the backyard, dreaming of a day like today.

Brandon Lucas, Adam Fink, and Rodney Shultz

Although Adam wasn’t with them anymore, they took the field today knowing they had an angel watching from above.

“I knew it right from the get-go. I looked up and saw that bright blue sky, nice sun glaring down on us and I was like I know he’s up there watching us,” Lucas said.

Rodney Shultz on the mound for the Tyrone Golden Eagles

The team used the motto “Do it for Adam” throughout the season. And now, they can finally say… they did it for Adam.

“From the very first state playoff game and felt like this is too good to be true you can’t ending the loss. This is for adam, we can do this,” Shultz said.

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