Two Posing Uber Drivers Accused of Sexual Assault

Local News

Two women were assaulted Saturday night in State College, after each of them were picked up in cars, by people posing as Uber drivers.

Both of the assault victims were college-aged women, who were picked up in the downtown State College area by drivers they did not know, assaulted in cars and then dropped off in the Highlands area. 

Lt. Brauser with the State College police says one woman called Uber, and got into a car, without making sure it was the right driver.  The second victim was approached by a driver who asked if she needed a ride.

To make sure something like this doesn’t happen to you, Lt. Brauser said follow guideline of Uber or other ride share programs.

“Verify that the person picking you up is the person in the app that is supposed to be picking you up,” Brauser said.  “I know specifically on Uber’s web page it lists that they will send you a picture of the driver, vehicle description, and you need to verify that before you just blindly get into a car.”

Fake Uber stickers can be put on cars, so Lt. Brauser says it’s also a good idea to ask a Uber driver if you can see their driver’s license and ride share program certification.

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