Tuesday is National Plant a Flower Day!

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Spring is getting ready to bloom and the owners of Frailey’s Greenhouse & Garden Center are ready to flourish.

“It’s exciting for us because when the sun shines this stuff really starts to grow,” Dale Frailey, co-owner of Frailey’s Greenhouse & Garden Center, said. “You see major changes in things daily.”

It’s a family business. Sasha Frailey will tell you gardening is a tradition passed on from generation to generation.

“They make your house a home,” Sasha, the other co-owner of Frailey’s Greenhouse & Garden Center, told us. “My mom planted flowers and took my brother and I to the greenhouse. I did that with my kids and I hope that they do it with their kids.”

Planting flowers is more than just adding a little color to your home. For some families, the hobby brings them together.

“The reward that you get from starting something either from a seed or by planting a small flower and watching it grow and transform into a flower garden, it’s really rewarding to them,” Dale said.

You can start looking forward to the new season by taking advantage of National Plant a Flower Day, but you might want to use a pot to keep your plant from freezing.

“Depending on what you want to plant, you can actually watch and enjoy that flower grow right on your window sill until you’re ready to put it outside,” Dale said.

If you are going to plant a flower, you can share your pictures on social media using #PlantAFlowerDay.

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